Friday, July 31, 2009

Thoughts behind Shells...

So I'm at Apache Cafe and Lounge and I am talking to some of the patrons about the portal and the types of images I think we should capture., most of the things we say are typically used for almost every other venue that focuses on creating beautiful images of women. But no matter how sexy or revealing, there is some aspect to the content that has to be considered.

Now not all of what is posted to the portal will be for everyone's taste. And I personally feel that I walk a line when I consider what I want to create for the Garden. And this is the conversation I am having with the artists and patrons of the Lounge when I am looking at Shells...

Shells was born in Honduras and she worked in a circus before she ended up in Atlanta. She is currently working on a performance art piece and I hope to feature it in some way in the Garden. Her history is rich and textured and it is reflected in the poses she takes in the Lounge; relaxed, provocative, cool & dramatic, proud.

Her head is never down.

And that was it. Glamourous, naughty, humorous, intense, dramatic and passionate...yes. Never degrading...never pornographic...never disrespectful.

Pangea's Garden is the place that celebrates the pride in the beauty that broadens the perspective and gives voice to the rich, textured, soulful environment that creates it.

My thoughts behind Shells is that her head is never down. And before I knew who she was and what she was doing, she was beautiful to me in that way.


PrettyBlak is

And the works that she and Maurice Evans have created for the portal are the cool that generate heat. Check out this preview of their upcoming set.

PrettyBlak...coming soon to

the works and words of Saddi Khali...

"i believe art can change the world. let's make a difference. i'm tryna do work that looks like no other. i've done magazines, album & book covers, but my current passion is fine art."

"i'm currently workin in natural light. god's illumination on Black skin is magnificent 2 me."

"Black people need 2 see images of ourselves w/ humanity. women beautiful regardless of size, shape or complexion. men strong, sensitive & loving. parents & children caring & happy. couples in love in warm intimate moments. us as lovers, sensual & sexy but not nasty even when we're nasty."

"i can b reached @ or on facebook"

You can see more on Saddi's works here and here. Saddi and I had an interesting discussion, expect to see the results of it here soon.

Monday, July 27, 2009

a centennial moment to ponder...

Just taking a breath. This is my 101st entry and I was just reflecting on how this all came to me and what its about. It didn't start with the conversation on hair. It was before that and it was at this place. And this model, Xian, was one of the muses.

In a week or so, (ironing out a few technical kinks) the portal will go live and this blog will be a part of it. And it will be as the blog has been, a repository of images of the beauty, glamour & sensuality of EarthSistas, a haven for ideas on the influences of Afrocentricity in art, culture, sexuality, politics, music, And it will a place where we can, all express ourselves, creatively and admire the efforts of those who have.

Just taking a moment. Catching my breath. Waiting...


a preview pictorial of the forthcoming portal...

Nena...coming soon to

Sheree Swann's Lens of Life

Sheree Swann loves capturing the unique beautiful in all people. Finding photography liberating, she uses it to create opportunities to elevate her mind and spirit. Her images are, fascinating explorations and sensuously artistic. They are funky and they are fierce, appealing to that edgy quality in us all.

Life, the way Sheree see it, "is bold, colorful and full of contrast", which is reflected in her work.

"I love to show people how I see them, in the light of being beautiful, even if they don’t see that beauty in themselves. With that, I will continue to create art through the reflection of my lens." Sheree, says.

Sheree created Lens of Life, her photography and videography company, in 2004. To see more of breathtaking images, check out her website here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Beauty in sensuous blue...

A pictorial moment of the images Beauty and I sought to capture on that overcast day. I wish we could have done more but I think these final few works portray the feel I wanted to portray.

B Breezy and the Studio Concept...

The words are hers. I couldn't embellish them any better if I tried. I was thoroughly impressed by their edgy and in-you-face approach to fashion & glamour photography. And the afrocentric natural element in the aesthetic is almost incidental, yet pivotal to success of these captures. But I say too much; the words and images of B Breezy...

B. Bold, B. Beautiful. B. Breezy

I'm the spokesmodel and photographer for The Studio Concept in Atlanta, GA. I'm also a model coach and makeup artist. The fashion industry is my heart beat. I hope others see the passion that goes into everything I do and that I may inspire my viewers to do what I do daily... push myself beyond my limits.

I tend to shy away from a lot of attention. It's extremely flattering but I like my privacy. The girl you see in my pictures is not me in real life. My pictures are not only promotional tools as the spokesmodel of the photography studio but also an avenue for me to express myself creatively. Every time I get in front of the camera, I always aim to outdo what I did before. I realize there are thousands are girls who want to be models but my reality is I am my only competition. As long as I push myself, I will continue to grow professionally as well as emotionally and spiritually.

B Breezy's MySpace is here. B Breezy's Blog is here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

an Artist Queen...

During the 4th of July weekend I got really lucky. I was able to play catch up with an old friend and fine Fine Artist, April Harrison. Seeing her and spending time with her again got me wondering about greatness.

When I would read Art History books about Degas, Picasso and Cezanne, and their ground breaking works I often wondered what their lives were really like. I was curious as to if they knew they would go down in history or did they feel that they would become some obscure reference. Now, I know that its an individual experience for every artist as life is for every person. I know artist, now, who strive for greatness; making efforts specifically to leave a legacy and go down in history. But I also know artists who I believe are destined to be remembered. Their greatness is in their work and not in their efforts. In my humble opinion, April Harrison is an example of the latter.

Her artist statement tells us "The Visions that you see before you are the result of internal communication that require expressions of acceptance, pride, adoration and dignity... Art expresses itself and when it moves the heart and awakens the spirit, it makes no distinction as to its originator"

Self taught, April considers herself to be "a vessel being utilized to instinctively create narrative, sentiment and observation." She is humble and gracious and her words speak volumes.

Her works do what she says: move the heart and awaken the spirit. In doing so I believe they achieve an universal quality that is timeless. And that timelessness will be her legacy of greatness. Do you see this in her works?

You can see more of April's works at here. I look forward showing more images of her and her works as well as interviewing her soon.

a sharp eye...

An artist whose desire is to create unique and beautiful images in a tasteful way, SharpEye wants to break boundaries. What started as a long-time hobby has transformed into a fulfilling career. Sharp Eye Photos is dedicated to capturing beauty at its peak.

Feel free to check out his work here and here.


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