Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You are invited...

This our first public get-together and we hope you can make it out. One the EarthSistas in the Garden will be celebrating her birthday and we are asking anyone who wants to do so, to get on the mic as part of the party. We are supposed to be creating some captures and maybe some moving pictures as well so it should be pretty exciting.

Marlo, the EarthSistas Model Coordinator is one of the key folks involved in organizing the event but there are others involved as well. She is the contact for questions as well as letting us know if you want to be on the mic and you contact her at 678.643.1205.

For more details about the event check here. It on Wednesday, Dec 30 (the day before New Years Eve) and I hope to see you there


Saturday, December 26, 2009

excerpts of tasteful sensuality...

a pictorial moment...

these are few of the inspired captures from Tamara Natalie Madden (the Renaissance Woman) of the Garden's newest EarthSista, NineEther. You can see the full set of images at PangeasGarden.com

Friday, December 25, 2009

ButtahFly is legend

a moment from a humble beginning...

When I met ButtahFly she was doing this. Hustling her creativity on the street. And I saw it even then. A bright ball creative passion that would always find it outlet, always find it voice. Always hungry for an opportunity to express herself. I've never seen her stop.

In the few short months that I've known her I've seen a mix of intuitive creativity and passionate expression that has not only inspired me but many others and still continues to do so. ButtahFly may well be on her way towards leaving a mark that will last through history.

Yet when I met her she was doing this.

Who inherits the Earth?

You can check out some of her renderings here.
She does fabulous portraits.


The Essence by Boog Brown

lyrical stylings from BoogBrown...

Check her out on MySpace.

words and images from an Occasional Superstar

Fabian "OccasionalSuperstar" Williams has a new line of paintings inspired by natural hair and the ladies that keep it the way it grow, unprocessed. A diverse creative with many talents, Fabian has been using the name Occasional Superstar since 2003.

"Occasional Superstar is the brand under which I do my artwork," Fabian explains. "Basically, it means that I'm just a regular dude who has extraordinary moments. In a broader sense, anyone can be an Occasional Superstar - me, you. Everybody has some Occasional Superstar inside them."

The Occasional Superstar portfolio displays a wide range of socially and culturally relevant expression and this body of work is just a part of it. For more, check out his website.

Friday, December 4, 2009

a preview to an intimate communique

An experimental black & white image set of an impromptu moment.

Hershey stood next to the windowed door so that I could watch how the light fell on her when she got a phone call. And then she got a text. Followed by a phone call another text and so on. They were all with the same person and this continued for a while.

I wasn't really listening but from the expressions on her face there was some obvious drama going on. Curious about how the emotion in these captures would look like, I continued shooting.

Hershey, aware and curious herself, consciously positioned herself provocatively. Unabashedly, she continued her talk, never afraid to show her true feelings, losing herself to the moment.

Unplanned and genuine, the experience was very passion, very fragile and very intimate.

These images are just a few of the full set at PangeasGarden.com
Check it out.


the ModelTEE

I've never met her but from what I know of Tee's, it seems she keeps it real.

Tee is Model/Actress born and raised in San Diego CA. As a naptually beautiful woman, she likes the idea of transforming and working with other creative individuals. Tee says she always looks forward to working with great artist and becoming a better artist myself. The wide variety of her captures reflect a wholeness that is rarely envisioned most models today.

Discovering her passion has definetly been a journey, which is what inspired her quote "Do what you love and love what you do. If you don't know what that is, love the journey in finding out"...Rather than being focused on the destination, she is choosing to enjoy the ride and follow the path that God has chosen for her!

To see more of Tee, check out her website.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Antiquity LaShay

Antiquity is back on the bridge again. One must realize that although you have burned one bridge doesn't mean you can't build another somewhere else. As the sun embraces her, she recognizes that her possibilities are endless. Her future is as beautiful as the 5 o' clock sun and she must embrace it. She stands beautifully exuberating strength and prosperity. She knows that God has her best interest at heart and would never give her more than she can bear. With humility, strength, confidence, and faith she sets foot on the bridge again toward success.

Antiquity: normally used to describe something ancient, but in Keyona's case she is something of sentimental and great value.

A beauiful contribution to this world.

Antiquity LaShay is styled in the original works of Tara Baker of Hands Create Texture. You can see more of her works here. Antiquity is a creative spirit of many talents. Check here for more creations.

beautiful and kinky...part 1 of 2

"a moment with the uniquely beautiful and terribly kinky..."

That's the mantra behind the works created by Chi-Rue99 Photography and Trinette the model. This set of images is the first of a two part set.

To see more of the works of Chi-Rue99 Photography you can go here and here.
To see more of Trinette, you can go here.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Introducing the Tootie Jean Collection

Check out this new collection of one of a kind, earrings, skirts and hats. They are a part of the Tootie Jean Collection and they are priced to sell. Please visit the site here to see more jewelry or to contact the designer.

model: Empress Nine


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