Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Summer in the Garden... part 2

The earthSistas have really stepped up and out, participating in various events. And it has kept us extremely busy. We've had so much fun creating so many beautiful captures as well. (Look for the Lakeside Nature Stroll Series debuting soon at We've done sporty fashion shoots, had a few parties including a rooftop adventure. The earthSistas even got noticed in the online magazine Zora & Alice. It was a provocative and informative interview with the Garden's Content Director Tafakari.

Check out the fun we had with the t-shirt design group RepJa. You can see the full image set in the Garden's blog at RepJa goes Naptually Rude!

About a week after the RepJa shoot we, spontaneously, hooked with the real deal earthSista, Tara Baker, the Crochet Artist, and threw a little party called the Crochet Strut. This would, later, inspire another party event called the Funky Ass Party where the Garden models strutted their stuff again. Check out the all the images from these events at A Crochet Strut! and David & Tara's Funky Ass Party.
We are in the process of defining some events we should do on our own. Any suggestions?

The earthSista shared her birthday celebration with us in the Garden. Check it out COCOliscious' birthday party in the Garden's blog as well.

And along the way, we shared a few of the earthSistas' afrosensual portraits with you...

People this is just a taste of what we've done and will continue to do in the Garden. Please feel FREE to check out some of these moments on your own at Registration is free and you have access to almost everything. We started the online community because we wanted to be able to say more and do more than what we were capable of doing here. And we really would love to have you with us.

Have you checked it out?


Friday, August 27, 2010

remy, the EccentricSoul's visions finally make their debut in the Garden!

The blog on the site goes into so much more detail on the works of this man and it only scratches the surface. I've been an admirer of his work for nearly two years. I find myself constantly impressed by his inventiveness and vision.

I hope you check out his work and the blog as whole. Its a more in depth version of what we have here. Beautiful work and its open to the public, free of any sign-up or registration

You will be glad you did.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tara, crochet and SuperFly

Tara Baker, crochet fashion and SuperFly...
Somehow, all three of those go together.

Check it out at the blog on

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A summer in the Garden... part 1

Hey everybody....

As you can see, the look of the Project has gone thru a few changes, thanks to the some of the new tools that blogspot provides. And the while the look has changed the content has not. I know I haven't been here most of the summer. has kept me very busy and I have not been able to come back to our roots as much as I would like to update you on some of the events we've been a part of and the images we've created. If you have been there at all this summer, then you have really missed a lot.

Black on Black Rhyme, a spoken word group has made its presence known in the Garden. Every other Tuesday we catch them at Take A Load Off Tuesdays, spittin' verse much to the pleasure of their patrons.

You can check out couple of their stories at the links below.

We also visited some of the events that were an influence to the culture of the Garden today. And created a few great captures of those as well.

You can check out some links to those events at the links below.

And then there were the earthSistas and the events they were a part of... but ... I guess we can save that for part 2 of how I spent my summer in the Garden. However feel FREE to check out some of these moments on your own at Registration is free and you get to check out most of the content in the Garden. If you haven't been there. You really are missing a LOT.



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