Monday, June 29, 2009

artful vanisha...

Taking a moment to explore a couple of my inspirations: the dancer/muse Vanisha and the photographer/artist Gus Bennet. You've seen many of my images of Vanisha here on the Project and you can see the work of Gus Bennet here. I am digging these. They make me want to paint and draw again.

passionate self-portraits by xxmisa

Impressively creative explorations in self-portraiture are only one of the reasons I was impressed by the works of this young photography enthusiast. When you see XXMISA's works, you see the chronicles of a talent on the road of discovery. Her artistic approaches to composition and post processing will leave you entertained and inspired. And I find her subjects to be insightful and potentially provocative. She's doing great work now; I look forward to watching her grow. And when you see more of works here, you will see that these images are just the tip of the iceberg.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

rainy days...

It rained at Mas Camp.

I've talked about this place several times before but It may be shutting its doors soon and there were so many spots I wanted to shoot in that I never got a chance too.

I was fortunate enough to have a model who would come with me and it had been so hot and sunny for so many days that I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to create a new set for the portal.

I wanted to do the shoot in the kitchen of this joint. The windows had been painted blue and when the sun hit them it creates a very artsy, very dramatic feel on the images. But you need a lot of sun for a good shot.

And it rained. The day we could do it (not the days before and the days after) it rained. And when it wasn't raining, it was cloudy and overcast. So we made the best of it. We got a some of images I wanted but not enough for a full set and I've posted a couple here. And the sun came out long enough when we were shooting outside so that we were able to create enough images for a set, more on those later.

But do you get the feel we were going for when we started this shoot? I really like we got. Sometimes folks compliment my work; but I am always reminded that a good capture ALWAYS requires the hand of God.

Mark Gellineau

Mark is a photographer in Trinidad & Tobago. He view his captures an artist's first sketch and says they become art when he's had his way with them in my digital lab.

One model who has worked with him says "He has this way of seeing the artistic side of everything, translating it from his creative eye to picture."

He says he loves vintage and creating black&white images. I say his works speak for themselves. You can see more of his work here.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

GAH at Mas Camp...

Along with Beautiful Witherspoon, GAH joined in my workshop. She came a little later than most of the models and stayed a little later too. It allowed me to get a few more captures of her. I am talking to both BW and GAH about being on the portal (which has a tentative launch date that I will reveal as soon as I talk to the technical wizards of the thing). Both are interested.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a Radiantz capture...

an outtake from one of the shoots with Radiantz, one of the first models for the portal.
the black is radiant...the black is colorful...the black is beautiful in the Garden

AFROCHIC by Pantherimage

I found Pantherimage's works to be the definition of striking and provocative and include a sampling of one of his sets here. You can see the works I found here along with his statement on his works that I've included in this entry...

"AFROCHIC concept developed and created by PANTHERIMAGE as a tribute to black models throughout the world. I just love the way the black skin shines under the spot light , i just luv the way my sisters pose with such sensuality and beauty. Each shooting session is a new poem...
Peace to all."

"My name is Shakazz and i'm an African photographer based in France.

Beautiful Mas Camp...

I organized a workshop for a few models and photographers. A designer brought in some crochet fashions for a little color and texture but the focus was on form and figure. As the organizer, I didn't get to shoot much but I got a few good captures and Beautiful Witherspoon provided a few of my inspired images. She models in her spare time and you can find more of her images here. I hope to learn more about her and shoot her again in the future.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

a moment with Nena...inspired....

I am working on proposals for the site and I chanced upon some of my favorite images of our first EarthSista for the portal...Nena

Sharing an outtake moment...

Jamaican visions...

labelfreementality made a comment about one of the new models for the web portal that reminded of the truly rich and wonderful images of Courtney Chen. And as you look at these images I am sure you can see why.
A Jamaican from St. Andrew, Courtney says that he's had a love of Photography for many years, because it allows him to express the artistic side of himself. You can see more of his images here. He LOVES feedback and feels criticism is the key to learning. On that notion we both agree.

He welcomes all comments, good or bad, he is open to different interpretations. I might be wrong but I see no bad here. What do you think?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dark Lovely in black & white again...

a few outtakes from the set we did in nature. she just got married so if you are reading this, DL, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Interview with a muse...

By LeiCole

Jake's shoot begins with Vincent, in his manner, pushing the boundaries. Yet Jake assures him that the day will be strictly G-rated, and that's that. Not that she's at all difficult. She helps with shots and takes direction with an easy, accommodating manner. Perhaps this comes naturally to the third-born of four girls, with whom she was forced to share and make due, forced (or perhaps free) to fashion an identity not endowed by order of birth. And so she has. Musician. Photographer. Aspiring actress. Model. Fire fighter.

Given the name "Jakequeline" some 30 years ago, after father Jake, also a fire fighter, she’s not one to shy away from her own masculine energy, though she admits her look sometimes intimidates potential suitors. But don’t sleep on her femininity. With a beautifully disarming smile, she shares with me a photo of her "son"-- a white, fuzzy bit of dogness named "Baby Boy". She's quick to laugh, and she captures, in certain shots, an endearing softness.

Her formal musical training began in 6th grade with violin. Viola, clarinet, sax, and coronet came later. Now, nine years after graduating Indiana State this self-described go-getter plays cello, string bass, and electric bass in the all-girl band "Unlimited Disfunkshun", which she refers to often. A natural a team player. Yet for these few hours on this hot day at Mas Camp, it's all about Jake. And yes, the woman CAN hold her own.


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