Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a series of retrospectives on Remy, the ECCENTRICSoul...

pgp213: Remy, the EccentricSoul…. part three – passion

pgp209: Finding Liberation: Confessions of a New Afrosensual

pgp205: Remy, the EccentricSoul…. part two – cool

pgp194: Remy, the EccentricSoul…. part one – colour

Monday, November 22, 2010

More than a Number – SHE Meets Digit

More than a Number – SHE Meets Digit

BlaqButtaphly… LIBERATION

BlaqButtaphly… LIBERATION

Pangea's Garden

Pangea's Garden

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The latest blooms in the Garden...

pgp211: TTColes on Q


These are just a few of the images that resulted from my photoshoot with Q (aka CyphaHouse) from the band Adams Morgan. I HAVE to start by saying that she was born to be in front of a camera lens. When we first started shooting, I was fooling around with my camera settings so that I could get my exposures right… and by the time I looked up, Q was already in character! She didn’t ask for any direction nor did she need it. This particular shoot also reminded me of how much I not only love to shoot…but how much I really love to edit. I hope you enjoy seeing the images as much as I enjoyed...

At Last – Part 2 of 2

Part two of an AfroerotiK romance
(The second half of the is wonderful story is too intense for the general audience of followers; it is available to members with a premium subscription. If you have one, please get it, and support the Garden.)

As if by conditioning, when I could tell things were reaching their critical boiling point, I said, “Come on baby, stop. Let’s not get too carried away.” That did nothing to deter him however and he became even more assertive, sliding his hands over my breasts and making me elicit the most intense moans of pleasure. “Mmmm, king, that feels amazing.”...

pgp210: Soundcheck with Anthony David & India.Irie and WORDS

Soundcheck… I’d seen the video “Words” a long time ago. It one of the faves in the Garden’s YouTube channel. But I was surfing the net and came across and earlier live concert rendition on YouTube as well featuring the songs vocalists, Anthony David and India.Arie. And I was once again reminded of that really natural chemistry my two fellow Atlantans share. Their music, this song especially, touch that spot. It reaches that old school sentimental soulful space in your heart and takes you on an emotional ride that reminds you what you are living for. I know that sounds...

pgp209: Finding Liberation: Confessions of a New Afrosensual

by SepiaAngel

On Sunday, September 26, I battled busy Tampa traffic to get to this photo shoot. I knew that I was ready, but this particular shoot was everything that I didn’t imagine in a good way. Little did I know that this was going to start my manifestation and liberation with a tall, brilliant, humorous man by the name of remy the ECCENTRICsoul. One of the personal struggles that I had going into the shoot was not being blunt about my own sensuality and sexuality. Ironically, I write about these things in my short stories and poetry, but couldn’t be truthful about my own. I listened...

Sacred Sexuality part3

This is part 3 of my Sacred Sexuality Series. I have so much to say, just talking off my dome. No prepared notes or anything and there are so many connections to be made. My name is Makeda Voletta and I study the body. I am an Exercise/Sports Scientist, Sports Nutritionist which are both geared towards increasing high level performance. I am also a trained and professional dancer (currently performing and studying dances of the African Diaspora – specially Congo derived), freelance journalist, freelance Fine Art Model and a Sacred Sexual Educator. I have been involved in Sexuality Education...


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