Wednesday, July 22, 2009

an Artist Queen...

During the 4th of July weekend I got really lucky. I was able to play catch up with an old friend and fine Fine Artist, April Harrison. Seeing her and spending time with her again got me wondering about greatness.

When I would read Art History books about Degas, Picasso and Cezanne, and their ground breaking works I often wondered what their lives were really like. I was curious as to if they knew they would go down in history or did they feel that they would become some obscure reference. Now, I know that its an individual experience for every artist as life is for every person. I know artist, now, who strive for greatness; making efforts specifically to leave a legacy and go down in history. But I also know artists who I believe are destined to be remembered. Their greatness is in their work and not in their efforts. In my humble opinion, April Harrison is an example of the latter.

Her artist statement tells us "The Visions that you see before you are the result of internal communication that require expressions of acceptance, pride, adoration and dignity... Art expresses itself and when it moves the heart and awakens the spirit, it makes no distinction as to its originator"

Self taught, April considers herself to be "a vessel being utilized to instinctively create narrative, sentiment and observation." She is humble and gracious and her words speak volumes.

Her works do what she says: move the heart and awaken the spirit. In doing so I believe they achieve an universal quality that is timeless. And that timelessness will be her legacy of greatness. Do you see this in her works?

You can see more of April's works at here. I look forward showing more images of her and her works as well as interviewing her soon.

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