Monday, July 20, 2009

Susannah Marie

Susannah Marie has a message for those she seeks to inspire...

I'm a Muse; playful, sensual and lots of energy. There's a fine line between sensual and sexual but nevertheless it is distinct. I apply movement to my poses, graceful moves, I move slowly enough for you to tell me when to stop and I'll hold the pose.

My body is sculpted and expressive so bring lots of film, photo cards or whatever it is that you use. I have some music to bring with me, if you have some then shoot for slow classical (piano concertos - Chopin) ambient music/world music/tribal music such as; enigma, delirium, cirque du soliel etc.

Please feel free to see more of Susannah's fantastic work here and here. Believe me when I say she is phenomenal when it comes to pushing the creative envelope. The images here barely scratch the surface. Hopefully she will be involved in the Garden more intensely in the near future.

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danny-atl said...

1 of my favorite models!!


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