Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Antiquity LaShay

Antiquity is back on the bridge again. One must realize that although you have burned one bridge doesn't mean you can't build another somewhere else. As the sun embraces her, she recognizes that her possibilities are endless. Her future is as beautiful as the 5 o' clock sun and she must embrace it. She stands beautifully exuberating strength and prosperity. She knows that God has her best interest at heart and would never give her more than she can bear. With humility, strength, confidence, and faith she sets foot on the bridge again toward success.

Antiquity: normally used to describe something ancient, but in Keyona's case she is something of sentimental and great value.

A beauiful contribution to this world.

Antiquity LaShay is styled in the original works of Tara Baker of Hands Create Texture. You can see more of her works here. Antiquity is a creative spirit of many talents. Check here for more creations.

beautiful and kinky...part 1 of 2

"a moment with the uniquely beautiful and terribly kinky..."

That's the mantra behind the works created by Chi-Rue99 Photography and Trinette the model. This set of images is the first of a two part set.

To see more of the works of Chi-Rue99 Photography you can go here and here.
To see more of Trinette, you can go here.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Introducing the Tootie Jean Collection

Check out this new collection of one of a kind, earrings, skirts and hats. They are a part of the Tootie Jean Collection and they are priced to sell. Please visit the site here to see more jewelry or to contact the designer.

model: Empress Nine

Monday, November 9, 2009

Queen Lateefah

by Tamara Natalie Madden

I recently met Lateefah when she came to shoot with her sister. A creative soul, and natural beauty; I thought that she would be a perfect addition to the garden.

Here's what she had to say about herself and her natural journey:

"I'm from the Atlanta area and I graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2004 with a degree in Psychology and Biology. I have been working in pharmaceutical research Field for 9 years which has allowed me to see many great places.

I enjoy crocheting clothing and blankets for friends and family. I am currently working on hats and scarfs for the homeless shelter for the winter. I also have many baby projects in the works at the moment.

I also love to run, jump rope and any type of exercises that can be fun.

I started transitioning in the summer of 2007 and completed the big chop in January of 2008. It was a challenge at first but I have no regrets and will never go back to relaxer or pressing. I like to do my own hair most of the time."

Check out some of my paintings on my website and some more photography here.

-Tamara Natalie Madden

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vincent's visions of a Lakeside Stroll...

Recently I posted Hafees Byard's images of an early morning stroll with ButtahFly and Hershey along a lakeside in Georgia. I was there shooting too and I thought I take a moment and share some of my captures as well.

The morning was a glorious miracle that reminded me what tend to take for granted, assuming it will be there tomorrow. I hope these images reflect how much I revel in the Grace bestowed upon us.

And I look forward to doing it again.

As an EarthSista, Hershey has made her presence felt in the Garden and ButtahFly is well on her way of doing the same. I hope you like the captures I created here.


a belief in beauty...

a pictorial moment courtesy of the vision of Ana Ochoa and the beauty of Chichi Osobwueno.

"I am exclusively interested in making art."

"My inspiration comes from everything and everyone around me. Taking a picture is more than just a snap of a shutter. The second the shutter is snapped, a unique moment is either captured or lost. A great picture is about chemistry with the model, taking the shot at the right moment and natural instinct."


Friday, November 6, 2009


If you haven't been to the online community recently, you should check it out. Makeda Voletta dishes much truth about fruits and vegetables and a ButtahFly spreads her wings in a raw, frank and provocative new image set.

a pictorial moment with Nerissa...

the words of the Imperial Goddess...

"My main goal is to live life to my best ability, just to be happy, and feel happy about what I become in the future."

"I let Got take my life in his hands... Whatever he has in store for me, thats what I will become. I don't set goals, because you live your life trying to fulfill those goals and by doing that you let so many opportunities pass you by."

"Don't be afraid to change coarse, do it passionately and you'll find your way."

"I display my natural crown for all to see."

Nerissa images are ubiquitous. Her lovely LONG locs and beautiful almond eyes have graced the pages of Playboy and she has landed small acting roles. For more images and insight into the Imperial Goddess check out her MySpace Page. It is a work of art.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Collaboration...

...with Tamara Natalie Madden and Vincent Christie

Recently, I collaborated on a shoot with The Pangeas Garden founder, Vincent Christie. I was obviously humbled because he's such an amazing photographer. We shot model, ButtaFly, for a campaign for Charly Palmer's upcoming line of jewelry. Take a look a some of the pics below and let us know how you feel.


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