Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Behind the scenes with AntiquityLashay...

Scottie Lowe wrote a provocative piece of prose about the sensual depths of NeoSoul and we posted it at You can check it out by clicking here. But before we did, AntiquityLashay and I were inspired to create some images that you never got to see. Check them out on the blog at by clicking here.

Levalentino's Closet presents Pangea's Garden Gear

From the fashion house of Levalentino’s Closet, a design that we hope you have as much fun wearing them as we did making them. Check them out at on this page at

Q&A with the RenegadeBarbie...

An earthSista who doesn't just march to the beat of her own drum, she built the damn drum. Designing her own path this earthSista Urbanista has a few insights to offer before she image sets appears at
Check out her provocative interview by clicking here!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Rise of the Black Panther

Originally a male figure in Marvel Comics, the Black Panther is the King and Protector of the technologically and socially advanced mythical African nation of Wakanda. Over the past few years, this story has become a pet project of Reginald Hudlin who has crafted an animated series of the character. And over the past year he's created stories in the comic series where the mantle of the Black Panther was passed on to his sister Shuri. For the full story, including clips of the animated series check out the blog entry on by clicking here.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Whimsical and Thoughtful Commentary at

In the Columns on, Naturally Leslie speaks whimsically on the cute curls of Corinne Bailey Rae while Raw Dawg Buffalo shares his thoughts candidly on the reporters in Haiti.

You can see this commentary, together, at where sign up to see is free.

Check it out and tell us what you think!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pangea's Events... has a new Events Calendar page. Want to know what you think of it. Please click here and check it out.

Nobella adorns Violet

Nobella returns to the Garden, for a moment. She adorns Violet (Pangea's latest EarthSista) and shares her jewels with us. Check out the full entry on

Earthsista Kirei Na is back...

Kirei Na performs a virtual seduction in the Garden. Check it out, here.



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