Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the inspired works of Gus Bennett, Jr

Gus Bennett, Jr. is a Photographer out of New Orleans. I've always admired his techniques of combining photographic images with archival painted abstracts to create a soulful creatively intimate capture. I am humbled and inspired by his works. Hopefully, he will be a part of the portal. In the meantime, I share these extraordinary works here. To see more of his works you can find them here and here.


Renee' said...

You really out did yourself for the month of July. I have other things to say but I think that is the best way to express all of it.

Serious.....out done!

K. Renee'

Insomniaq4 said...

Yo this is my frat brother...I have shot with him and he is a big inspiration in my life. Thanks for giving him some exposure


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