Friday, July 31, 2009

Thoughts behind Shells...

So I'm at Apache Cafe and Lounge and I am talking to some of the patrons about the portal and the types of images I think we should capture., most of the things we say are typically used for almost every other venue that focuses on creating beautiful images of women. But no matter how sexy or revealing, there is some aspect to the content that has to be considered.

Now not all of what is posted to the portal will be for everyone's taste. And I personally feel that I walk a line when I consider what I want to create for the Garden. And this is the conversation I am having with the artists and patrons of the Lounge when I am looking at Shells...

Shells was born in Honduras and she worked in a circus before she ended up in Atlanta. She is currently working on a performance art piece and I hope to feature it in some way in the Garden. Her history is rich and textured and it is reflected in the poses she takes in the Lounge; relaxed, provocative, cool & dramatic, proud.

Her head is never down.

And that was it. Glamourous, naughty, humorous, intense, dramatic and passionate...yes. Never degrading...never pornographic...never disrespectful.

Pangea's Garden is the place that celebrates the pride in the beauty that broadens the perspective and gives voice to the rich, textured, soulful environment that creates it.

My thoughts behind Shells is that her head is never down. And before I knew who she was and what she was doing, she was beautiful to me in that way.



Max Reddick said...

Both diggin' and appreciatin' the site. Very professional, very tastefully done site celebrating that which makes our culture beautiful Thank you.

Pangaea's Garden said...

Thanks Max


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