Friday, July 31, 2009

the works and words of Saddi Khali...

"i believe art can change the world. let's make a difference. i'm tryna do work that looks like no other. i've done magazines, album & book covers, but my current passion is fine art."

"i'm currently workin in natural light. god's illumination on Black skin is magnificent 2 me."

"Black people need 2 see images of ourselves w/ humanity. women beautiful regardless of size, shape or complexion. men strong, sensitive & loving. parents & children caring & happy. couples in love in warm intimate moments. us as lovers, sensual & sexy but not nasty even when we're nasty."

"i can b reached @ or on facebook"

You can see more on Saddi's works here and here. Saddi and I had an interesting discussion, expect to see the results of it here soon.


danny-atl said...

great works!!!

Pangaea's Garden said...

Thanks danny-atl. Hope to see more of your thoughts in the Garden.


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