Saturday, January 23, 2010

the beginnings of SoulLyric...

Kirei Na's birthday was just a few days before the New Year, providing the perfect opportunity for a Pangea's Garden gathering. And what started out as an Open Mic event, quickly became a night of intimate and passionate verse, setting the tone for events in the future.

I've included a few captures of the event along with one spoken words musings brought to us by ButtahFly. You can see more captures, another video and some paparazzi-style shots's newly founded blog.

This was the Garden's first public event and we have planned another for Wednesday Jan 27 (THIS WEEK); thus marking one of the several endeavors we will be embarking on in 2010.
Another of the changes is that this will be the last full entry of the blog here. From now on it will continue at and we hope you will continue to follow us there.

And in the coming months we will reach beyond our home in Atlanta to other cities and towns asking them to join us in the Garden. And if you haven't joined us, yet, we reach out to you now and ask you to sign up with us here.

Many blessing to you.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

beautiful and kinky...part 2 of 2

heritage's mark...

revisiting the beauty of Trinette and the vision of Chi-Rue99.

Trinette and Chi-Rue99 captures continue in this momentary homage to family. Along with the rest of their extraordinary captures Trinette's form and beauty is the elaborate personal family tree that decorates her back.

A lovely tree made of the linage of generations of Trinette's family is captured expertly by Chi's lens, portraying these marks on form artitstically and sensually.

To see more of the works of Chi-Rue99 Photography you can go here and here.

To see more of Trinette, you can go here.


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