Monday, July 27, 2009

Sheree Swann's Lens of Life

Sheree Swann loves capturing the unique beautiful in all people. Finding photography liberating, she uses it to create opportunities to elevate her mind and spirit. Her images are, fascinating explorations and sensuously artistic. They are funky and they are fierce, appealing to that edgy quality in us all.

Life, the way Sheree see it, "is bold, colorful and full of contrast", which is reflected in her work.

"I love to show people how I see them, in the light of being beautiful, even if they don’t see that beauty in themselves. With that, I will continue to create art through the reflection of my lens." Sheree, says.

Sheree created Lens of Life, her photography and videography company, in 2004. To see more of breathtaking images, check out her website here.

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