Monday, August 31, 2009

Caribbean Queen

Beautiful Nadine is from my homeland Jamaica. I allowed nature to crown her and turn her into a queen here.

And then I gave her a real crown to spice it up.

You can find some of my paintings on my website and some more photography here.

-Tamara Natalie Madden

Sunday, August 30, 2009

earthsistas Walker....

captures of a momentary stroll thru Cabbagetown in Atlanta...

Friday, August 28, 2009


When we revisit the past we are often able to see ourselves in the eyes of others. I think that it's very important to remember our ancestors because they live in all of us.

Great grandmother's eyes, grandmother's nose and granduncle's hands. The one way to live forever is to have children, but it's important to teach our children to look back from time to time and remember.

You can find some of my paintings on my website and some more photography here.

-Tamara Natalie Madden

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Have you seen this yet?

I just assumed that a few folks had checked out the address since I'd spoken about it so frequently. Its coming along and continuing to evolve and while there are quite a few things we are adding and changing, we believe its time that we allow for the little flower to bloom before you.

We've created image sets and have been very fortunate to have column contributions from the likes of Scottie Lowe and Raw Dawg Buffalo whose works have been influential in philosophy of the Afrocentric sensual aesthetic dialogue. There first entries are on the site and more are to come. And as part of the continued growth of the site, we will include columns from other authors along with in depth interviews from the famous and visionary. Look forward to 20 questions from the models as well.

And, like I've said before, the blog's not going anywhere. It remains an integral link to the Pangea's Garden project.

But check it out. We are testing it this week and filling up the comments database. If you are interested helping us with the testing, leave a comment here with your email included (or send me an email via my profile) and I will send you a link to register for a FREE temporary access to all of the Garden's views. However you must leave comment here and, once you get temporary FREE access to the site, you must leave at least 3 comments in the uploads to the Garden.

What do you think?

Tamara Natalie Madden...Renaissance Woman

I am Vincent Christie, the creator of this blog and the latest entries were not from me. They were the works and words of Artist and Photographer Tamara Natalie Madden. And she joins the Project as a regular contributor to the Garden.

A Jamaican native, I've known Tamara since she moved to Atlanta five years ago. The young creative has lived through some challenges. Diagnosed in 1997 with a life threatening genetic kidney disease called IGA Nephropathy, her art became her lifeline. But as her health deteriorated she decided to take trip home to Jamaica where she discovered she had a long lost brother who donated to her a kidney and saved her life. Tamara says that her illness was very challenging but it also gave her the fire she needed to push forward.

Tamara also says, "My challenge has been to create art that is significant to me and to also create work that is of quality. I believe that I was given this gift to inspire and empower people and I know that ultimately my talents can be used for the greater good. Everyday I think about what I can do to take my work to a greater level."

Tamara is an extraordinary visionary with much to share. I look forward to her forthcoming posts to the Garden. You can find some of her paintings here and on her website; you can find her photography here. The captures made of her, here, are the work of Maurice Evans.

-Vincent Christie

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eat to Live

Eating well enhances your quality of life. Ultimately, a diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables will increase your vitality.

I've been a vegetarian and a naturalist(of sorts) for over 12 years now so promoting the veggie lifestyle through photography is a great thing. :)

You can find some of my paintings on my website and some more photography here.

-Tamara Natalie Madden

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Africa Revisited

The model, Sankan, was born in Liberia. Africa runs through her veins, so I found the perfect location that would transform her into her true self, an African Goddess.

As a painter first, my goal when working with models, is to paint a picture that tells a story. My ultimate goal is to take the model and viewer to another place.

You can find some of my paintings on my website and some more photography here.

-Tamara Natalie Madden

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Strands overflowing...

A wonderful pair of artistic outtakes from the collaboration of Maurice Evans and PrettyBlak

See more of this pair's work at the online community for Pangea's Garden.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nightly's Colour...

I had a moment.

It was around the time at the end of session with a model that I'd shot in my HomeStudio. I knew we were done, she needed the images for an online community she was involved in and we had plenty...

We took a few more shots. They were a little racy and I was very interested in the play of bright colour on dark skin. They ended up not being used in the set. I think they look beautiful here. Do you?

J Love and PGNubian

J Love's goal is to create images that showcase beauty and creativity. It was that simple and he always had an eye for energetic, creative and talented models. With a background in fashion and love for creating images that portray an inner story he loves any opportunity to take his captures to another level.

He's an artistic explorer and,for a moment, PGNubian was his muse. She was a naptual beauty full of life and originality and vision. The two of them together made a few poignant, colorful and powerful captures as I am sure you will agree.

Both talented individuals are visionary in their efforts with aesthetic philosophies driving their creative endeavors. You can see more J Loves works here and PGNubian's here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CourtDL in black & white...

a couple of moments in black and white

more to come

the eyes have it...

sensual beauty with an attitude

coming VERY soon at

DTrundle The Artist ...

A brief pictorial of fashion and glamour as seen thru the eyes of Deontae Trundle (DTrundle). These are editorial fashion captures with a naptual beauty twist. His work, here, is but a small representation of the young talent with broad vision; a vision that he believes transcends the label of Photographer, making him "The Artist".

His words:
"To me the definition of an artist is the ability to walk through everyday life, see the creativity in it and then transform that vision into some form of art that we can see, hear, touch or feel.

As “The Artist” I feel that I do just that and being able to see, hear and feel the art in life is truly a gift. There is a story to be told in everything and everyone you just have to be willing and open to listen to it. "

I look forward to see what's next with "The Artist" his talent and expertise are extraordinary. Look for the launch of his website coming VERY soon (like next week or something). I hope he comes back to the Garden with some visual stories to tell.


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