Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a preview interview with Hershey...

Hershey is a young, vibrant and natural EarthSista on the move with a serious passion for dance and theater.

Her affinity for perfomance grew out of her love for fashion and glamour and she stills dreams of owning a her own fashion boutique as well as a performance studio. Look out for her daring and provocative image set featuring her on the Project online community site PangeasGarden.com. In the meantime we asked her to answer a few questions about herself.

1. How would you describe your personality/outlook on life?
I'm pretty bubbly and talkative most of the time, while also having a no nonsense business side. I love to laugh, make jokes, and have fun. I see life as an endless portal of opportunites and lessons learned.

6. Single or Committed? EarthSista or EarthMother?
I'm a single EarthSista!

12. Complete this sentence. "As a woman, I believe it's especially important to..."
Unconditionally love and respect yourself each and every day of your life so that everyone else around you is forced to do the same.

There interview continues, along with a short preview of her on PangeasGarden.com

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