Monday, August 10, 2009

the Organic Soul Crew


The Organic Soul Crew was created by these three talented and visionary photographers to change the way French people see the black community in France as more than dancers or soccer players. January of this year Hermosdef was found dead in Paris and this entry is dedicated to his memory.

Hermann DEZA aka HERMOSDEF was born in Paris in 1975, the 3rd child of migrants from Ivory Coast, West Africa. The 2 great passions of his life were music and photography. Not wanting to choose one over the other Hermosdef worked to entwine and combine these 2 worlds in his work. He said that he had been told that his pictures have a "whole lot of Soul". He came to call his art AFROPICS. You can see more of his past works here.

DORLIS, after living for sometime in Paris, now resides in Guadelope, French West Indies. His mother was French while his father was from Martinque. Doris' works have been featured here in the past and you can see more of his work here as well.

KIJA aka SupaKija aka Jacky Gotin was born in Guadeloupe.He says his images are influenced by the music I like. His works have won over the critics with some of the statements made in reference to his works were "Kija's photos are very strong and deeply mooving... I'd really like to see the world as he does..." by Filipe Ferreia and "To put it simply, Jacky was born to do this; to remind us that our loveliness is a reflection of this lovely world - full of lush beauty and color at every turn and in every moment!" You can check out his blog here his previous poetic entry for the Garden here.

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