Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tamara Natalie Madden...Renaissance Woman

I am Vincent Christie, the creator of this blog and the latest entries were not from me. They were the works and words of Artist and Photographer Tamara Natalie Madden. And she joins the Project as a regular contributor to the Garden.

A Jamaican native, I've known Tamara since she moved to Atlanta five years ago. The young creative has lived through some challenges. Diagnosed in 1997 with a life threatening genetic kidney disease called IGA Nephropathy, her art became her lifeline. But as her health deteriorated she decided to take trip home to Jamaica where she discovered she had a long lost brother who donated to her a kidney and saved her life. Tamara says that her illness was very challenging but it also gave her the fire she needed to push forward.

Tamara also says, "My challenge has been to create art that is significant to me and to also create work that is of quality. I believe that I was given this gift to inspire and empower people and I know that ultimately my talents can be used for the greater good. Everyday I think about what I can do to take my work to a greater level."

Tamara is an extraordinary visionary with much to share. I look forward to her forthcoming posts to the Garden. You can find some of her paintings here and on her website; you can find her photography here. The captures made of her, here, are the work of Maurice Evans.

-Vincent Christie

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