Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DTrundle The Artist ...

A brief pictorial of fashion and glamour as seen thru the eyes of Deontae Trundle (DTrundle). These are editorial fashion captures with a naptual beauty twist. His work, here, is but a small representation of the young talent with broad vision; a vision that he believes transcends the label of Photographer, making him "The Artist".

His words:
"To me the definition of an artist is the ability to walk through everyday life, see the creativity in it and then transform that vision into some form of art that we can see, hear, touch or feel.

As “The Artist” I feel that I do just that and being able to see, hear and feel the art in life is truly a gift. There is a story to be told in everything and everyone you just have to be willing and open to listen to it. "

I look forward to see what's next with "The Artist" his talent and expertise are extraordinary. Look for the launch of his website coming VERY soon (like next week or something). I hope he comes back to the Garden with some visual stories to tell.

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