Monday, August 10, 2009

Naturally's Cuteness...

This could be considered a tongue-in-cheek response to my friend Leslie's recent sets of Sunday Cuteness. They seemed to have gotten a little testosterone heavy, so, you could see this as my effort to balance that out.

Naturally Leslie was one of the first people I found in the blogging world when I started these journals on the Garden. She is thoughtful and matter-of-fact in her statements and genuine in her entries. She seems to touch folks where they live and I've admired her "realness" as an element of her natural beauty.

I'd hoped that she would, one day, allow me to capture a few images of her . About a week ago I got the chance. We created these captures that, to me, portray a genuine humbleness wrapped lightly in regal grace. Truly beautiful.

I've come to value her opinions and appreciate the fact that when she shares her thoughts, it is a true act of giving with my benefit at heart. That's a rarity these days and I have often sought her counsel in the some of the actions of the Project. I've come to not only know her as a friend but to appreciate what real friend truly is.


Shayna' said...

very beautiful pictures.

Makeup Theory said...

She's gorgeous and I love her blog. I follow it faithfully.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Beautiful photos!

Monkey-Man Miles said...

What a beautiful and remarkable young woman! I have known her well before she entered this world. She is my cousin! Even as a little girl she was very engaging with her stories that she would make up! I am the oldest of the first cousins and for a while was the only other girl. We bonded with our girlyness. I have always wanted a lil sister and secretly, I used to pretend that she was. So
as I read these wonderful comments about her it warms my heart to know that other people see what we already know! I am so proud of you!


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