Thursday, June 18, 2009

Interview with a muse...

By LeiCole

Jake's shoot begins with Vincent, in his manner, pushing the boundaries. Yet Jake assures him that the day will be strictly G-rated, and that's that. Not that she's at all difficult. She helps with shots and takes direction with an easy, accommodating manner. Perhaps this comes naturally to the third-born of four girls, with whom she was forced to share and make due, forced (or perhaps free) to fashion an identity not endowed by order of birth. And so she has. Musician. Photographer. Aspiring actress. Model. Fire fighter.

Given the name "Jakequeline" some 30 years ago, after father Jake, also a fire fighter, she’s not one to shy away from her own masculine energy, though she admits her look sometimes intimidates potential suitors. But don’t sleep on her femininity. With a beautifully disarming smile, she shares with me a photo of her "son"-- a white, fuzzy bit of dogness named "Baby Boy". She's quick to laugh, and she captures, in certain shots, an endearing softness.

Her formal musical training began in 6th grade with violin. Viola, clarinet, sax, and coronet came later. Now, nine years after graduating Indiana State this self-described go-getter plays cello, string bass, and electric bass in the all-girl band "Unlimited Disfunkshun", which she refers to often. A natural a team player. Yet for these few hours on this hot day at Mas Camp, it's all about Jake. And yes, the woman CAN hold her own.

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