Thursday, May 14, 2009

project news...Nobella is the Garden's Style Director

While working on a shoot with a model, I asked Nobella if she could help me out with some jewelry to compliment the look. She said yes...then she pointed out that we picked the wrong skirt for the look. Then she went with us on the shoot.

The rest is history.

We spent a great deal of time going concepts for future shoots and we both became inspired. I found her vision refreshing. And I, honestly, found her appreciation of mine, comforting. I look forward to creating more images with her.

In the meantime...does anyone else have ideas for images? What would you like to see in the Garden?


buttahflychronicles said...

Yep, I have an idea. Most if not all of your models have natural hair in some form. Do you think that you can get some of them to style their hair? Beyond, perm rollers? Ask Nobella to style her hair first because she and I have about the same length locks. Thanks!

Pangaea's Garden said...

I will ask Nobella about different ways we can style the hair for the models. Nobella wants to stay behind the scenes but if she decides to make changes to her locs I will see if she will get in front of the camera to display them. Thanks for the insight, buttahfly. Please send more!


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