Sunday, May 10, 2009

trace and a chicago eye...

I've been impressed by the works of Lee Bey for the past couple of years; his images were influential in my own actions toward becoming a photographer. And when I saw his images of Trace, I reached out to him and asked him about including them in the Garden.

Since then, I have corresponded with both he and Trace and they've been great about contributing to their talents here. Trace is a writer, amateur photographer and single mother. And these images were created as part of a celebration of her 40th birthday.

Lee asked Tracy to talk about posing nude for the first time.
"...well it was really the first time I modeled ever." Trace said. "I was VERY nervous at first, but I put on some Lizz Wright, and Lee was very considerate and patient. After we took the first few shots, it became clear that what we were doing was tasteful, artistic and beautiful. I was floored by the results. They are truly the most beautiful pictures taken of me in my life."

Chicago born and bred, Lee Bey digs cities, movies, Old School Funk/Neo Soul/Hip Hop and Jazz. Along with being a photographer, Lee is an urbanist and a writer.

Check out his blog: Lee Bey's Soul Closet-
Its a look back at 20th century African American pop culture: advertising, film, music, fashion and anything else he can get his hands on. All in good fun.

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