Sunday, May 17, 2009

a first moment...Vanisha

I spoke to Vanisha on a the phone a lot before we actually met. We'd hooked up on a Photographer/Model website called Model Mayhem when I'd actually started expanding my technical knowledge in photography and I wanted to work with some models who were expanding their portfolios, figuring we could do a bit a trade off. The idea for Pangea's Garden was, at best, just a little more than a notion. It was at a time when I thought that the idea might be more self-indulgent than anything and that what I wanted create would not have much of an audience.

We did a group shoot with a few other photographers and models in a studio that cool but afterwards we went as group to review using another location that was more suitable for group shoots

Anyway we in a concrete courtyard that allowed for interesting slices of sunlight to make way and I caught a couple of images of Vanisha in that dance of light and shadow. I looked at the images and I knew I couldn't be the only one that is moved by this.


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GinaRenay said...

Yes, it's engaging.


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