Thursday, April 2, 2009

Danielle at Mas Camp...

So I am at this urban upscale pizza joint called Slice. I am there with a couple of my favorite models after a later afternoon photoshoot. We'd stopped by for a beer and a slice to unwind. One of the models, a brother named Lewis, couldn't help to notice that I noticed a beautiful sista with gorgeous locs sitting at the table next to us.

"You want to shoot that don't you?" Lewis asked.

"Huh?" I said.

"You've been talking about this most of the day." he returned. "Women with locs and naturals and you want to shoot'em and create hot images of them...all day."

"Yeah, I know but I can't just go up there and ask her for a shoot. It'll sound like I'm coming on to her." I told him.

"Not if I do it for you"

And he did. The rest is history.

Danielle's driving passion is helping people. Along with being a professional social worker she is also writer who is putting the finishing touches on her first novel and is well into 4 others. You can check them out on her website.

I took to a joint that, at the time I had only recently discovered called Mas Camp. Its a Caribbean hangout that I really liked because of the colors. I host a regular meetup there now called the Shooters Lounge for my fellow Photogs and Models. I like the images but I wasn't sure she enjoyed it. She later told me she did, she was just a little shy because she'd never done anything quite like that before. Soon after I found out she LOVES being in front of the camera. Now that we've done our first shoot, l look forward to shooting her again soon.


Naturally Leslie said...

I was thinking...if you liked this woman you would have LOVED the ATL Natural Hair Show! I just came back from it this afternoon and it was amazing! I have never seen so many beautiful women with beautiful natural hair in one place before. I literally walked around mouth agape taking it all in ( and I snapped a few pics while I was at it)! You should think about going next year, I know I am !

Pangaea's Garden said...

Thanks Leslie. I am trying to see if I can get down there today but my schedule is still incredibly tight. Based on what you said here, however, I definitely intend to attend next year.

Danielle said...

Wow...I am still blown by these photos, and to me, I look funny! But I do love taking pictures, action pics actually, so maybe we can get together again soon... Thanks Vince!


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