Monday, April 6, 2009

the artist model series - sonia: curves & locs part 1

As I've mentioned before... the vision for the images in Pangea's Garden all started with my captures at the Apache Cafe & Lounge. This pictorial is part of a short series of retrospectives of how what I've seen has influenced and inspired me.

The model goes by the stage name DarknCurvy and you can find her on MySpace.


Naturally Leslie said...

She's very pretty. I love how your shots of women look so natural. I think we're (by 'we' I mean society) so used to seeing women airbrushed and altered so to see an image like these is refreshing.

Pangaea's Garden said...

Thanks Leslie. I feel fortunate to find folks who appreciate this approach towards capturing images. I try to vary it up so that I am not limited by one style. I like the idea of tailoring the approach to the needs of the shots.

Muze said...

cooool. nothing like natural beauty.

i have been to Apache!! awesome.

thanks for reading my fiction blog btw.

this is a lovely blog! i'll be back.


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