Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chasing Waterfalls

Last month I went on an invigorating trip with my boyfriend. I needed time to get away and relax amidst nature. He took me far away to a place that I never thought would have existed here. We trekked through the woods with only the wind guiding us until I heard the glorious sound of rushing water. I've always had an affinity for water. Growing up on an island may have something to do with it. I can't swim, but I find that water calms me and soothes my soul.

Once I saw it, I was astonished! I began jumping around like a little child--I only wished I had brought my swimsuit.:)

It was silent, except for the sound of the rushing waters. We were alone with nature and I took the time to reflect and meditate.

Chase those waterfalls--no sense in sticking to the monotonous! Life is too rich!

You can find some of my paintings on my website and some more photography here.

-Tamara Natalie Madden

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