Monday, October 12, 2009

TwentyOne Questions with Beauty...

2.How would you describe your personality/outlook on life?
Very optimistic, I’m a go getta type of chick. I see what i want and I go for it. Also I’m a very outspoken down to earth female, honest, caring, lovable person unless u piss me off…..lmfao…

3.What color would you pick to describe your personality? Why?
I choose opal…one because it is my birthstone and it changes colors and u know it depends on what mood im in that the color might best fit me.

10. Complete this sentence. “As a woman, I believe it’s especially important to…”
“As a women, i believe it important to fight for what you believe in, you may not know how far it will take u unless you strive for it(greatness) is also important to have respect and courage as women it will better you as a person”

11. Complete this sentence. “Nothing is better than…”
“Nothing is better than, God”
but the next best thing to him is?me!!!!!!!!lol

17. Words to live by?
“knowledge is power” “love, live, life”

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