Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Sensual Spirituality of Hunting...

Makeda Voletta brings her unique insights to play in her thought-provocation commentary on sensuality and spirituality in hunting. Its her first column on Here are a couple excerpts...

"Many cultures perceived a connection between human sexuality and plant and animal fertility, and through sympathetic magic and rituals related to sex, they invoked supernatural power in guaranteeing fruitfulness of the earth."

"All indigenous people hunted. Hunting was considered a form of shamanism. There was ritual before they hunted and afterward. They understood that they were taking a life and they did so with respect. They only killed animals as they needed them and they used the entire animal. The same is true when they took the life of trees and plants. Both animals and plants were recognized as having life force energy."

Its provocative to say the least. Check it out


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