Sunday, October 17, 2010

earthSistas in the Nature's Stroll series...

The summer was filled with strolls around lakes and thru woods with the earthSistas. At Pangea' we've started an image series that is celebrating the women's communion with nature.

As mentioned on the site... The earthSistas are the sensually Afrocentric models in Pangea's Garden. The image sets are an homage the women with naturals and 'locs wearing hoop rings and warm-colored loose fit dresses or jeans. Dozens of bracelets and beautiful African-style necklaces. On the the park. Eyes always piercing and hungry for some truth or justice. Faces that are always filled with attitude or laughter. earthSistas are ALWAYS the perfect muse. They are the inspirations for the Garden, driving us ALL to the yard!

Check out the of the artistic and uncensored images as the series continues at Pangea's Nature Stroll Series

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