Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A summer in the Garden... part 1

Hey everybody....

As you can see, the look of the Project has gone thru a few changes, thanks to the some of the new tools that blogspot provides. And the while the look has changed the content has not. I know I haven't been here most of the summer. PangeasGarden.com has kept me very busy and I have not been able to come back to our roots as much as I would like to update you on some of the events we've been a part of and the images we've created. If you have been there at all this summer, then you have really missed a lot.

Black on Black Rhyme, a spoken word group has made its presence known in the Garden. Every other Tuesday we catch them at Take A Load Off Tuesdays, spittin' verse much to the pleasure of their patrons.

You can check out couple of their stories at the links below.

We also visited some of the events that were an influence to the culture of the Garden today. And created a few great captures of those as well.

You can check out some links to those events at the links below.

And then there were the earthSistas and the events they were a part of... but ... I guess we can save that for part 2 of how I spent my summer in the Garden. However feel FREE to check out some of these moments on your own at PangeasGarden.com. Registration is free and you get to check out most of the content in the Garden. If you haven't been there. You really are missing a LOT.


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