Monday, February 16, 2009

Empress Fiyah, the gracious amazon

Nobody's smarter because nobody's mind works as hard...

You might not see that right off. Right off, what you see is a the dredloc amazon beauty who's effervescence, charisma and pride all own the room that she walks in. She is pure grace that moves like the awkward queen. She can't help but to be a muse to any creative she meets.

And then this modest diva of an Atlanta underground Caribbean radio station has the nerve to talk and share her brilliant intelligence and broad awareness with you. Always fair and humble with no 'tude, she keeps you on your toes. You can't help but to admire her. Without ever trying, she makes you want to come correct. And we all love her for it


Empress Fiyah said...

Vince your talent of capturing beauty is so amazing. Thank you so much for sharing that talent and for allowing me to help demonstrate abstract beauty. Pangeans Garden to da world!

levalentino said...

can't wait to meet the empress fiyah. nicely done. i admire the rugged femininity.

Imperial said...

Empress. Long time no see.


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